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Best WordPress SEO Tips for Improving Your Site Ranking and Traffic

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WordPress SEO tipsSEO is the process of improving the quality of traffic to websites from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and some others via organic search results. Every blogger wants to have good SEO performance so that their websites can rank higher and come up on the first page of search engines. After asking many professional bloggers and SEO experts for advice, we have listed the following best WordPress SEO tips to help WordPress bloggers make their sites more popular with search engines and get better organic search. Now, learn the detailed tips.

Optimize Content

Content is the foundation of a website and any effective optimization is only in combination with high quality and unique site content. Each post on your website should contain keywords highlighting the overall topic of the post, and you need to use your keywords wisely. Besides, the content should be readable and understandable. Remember that you write posts for your visitors but not for search engines. Moreover, you should prevent plagiarism when writing a post.

Build Backlinks

Build backlinks on the quality websites that relate to your topics and come with high page ranking is a good way to lead more organic traffic to your website. Publishing sponsored posts on the related websites is an easy way to build backlinks. Remember to use proper link anchor text for the backlinks and not to use popular keywords too much, which may be seen as regarded as spam and your website will be published by search engines.

Optimize Images

WordPress SEO tips - optimize imagesSearch engines also take images into account when calculating ranking. For instance, Google displays images on its search engine page, drawing on relevant images included in the posts. The images are also linked to the corresponding page. Therefore, optimizing images on your site can help you get better SEO. Remember to name your images with keywords and use alt tag and title tag for them.

Use Search Engine Optimized Themes & Plugins

Using search engine optimized themes and plugins on your sites is an easy way to get better ranking. SEO themes can not only help you have a good site appearance but also help Google find your site content easier and get better ranking. SEO plugins are helpful in improving your site content, analyzing pages and building a fully optimized WordPress site.

Use Search Engine Friendly Permalinks

Using a search engine friendly and understandable permalink for a post is good for making it rank higher on search engines. Do not use characters like “&”, “?”, “!”, “_”, etc., in the URL. Search engine friendly permalinks should be short and include the keywords of the post. Besides, you should use “-” between words make the permalinks readable. Remember that the first 4 words in the permalinks should be relevant.

Highlight Informative Content/Keywords

WordPress SEO tips - highlight keywordsRemember to use headings or subtitles in your posts, making it easier for reader understanding what you will talk in the post. In addition, use the strong tag to highlight the important sentences and keyword in the posts. However, do not overdo it.

ShareYour Posts

Share your posts on social media platforms with your visitors is also another one of the best WordPress SEO tips, which is useful for making your social accounts more popular with search engines and leading you more visits. You can also promote other websites you like on social networks. Then, people will also add a linktof your site on their websites or social media pages.

Don’t Use Back Hat SEO Techniques

Blackhat SEO is a disapproved practice used to increase the ranking of a page in a search engine result page. Main black hat SEO techniques are linked manipulation, article spinning, link schemes, link frames, link wheels, link networks, rich snippet markup spam, automated queries to Google, publishing duplicate content on pages, subdomains/domains, and creating pages with malicious behavior. Do not trick Google, they will know and publish your site.

Keep Your Content Up to date and Publish Posts Frequently

WordPress SEO tips - keep posts up to dateNo one likes outdated content, so you need to keep your site content up to date. Update your content can help you keep visitors and attract search engine spiders to index the web pages frequently, which is good for leading more visits to your site. In addition, remember to publish posts frequently or both your visitors and search engines will leave you on the day.

Use Internal Linking

Internal links are like voting for yourself and informing search engines about your vote. Although it is better to have more people voting for you, it is a little difficult for search engines find your pages and make them on their first result pages if you do not vote for yourself. Remember to make internal links natural. Besides, don’t use “here”, “there”, etc. as anchor text, use words related to the linked posts instead.


All these listed guides are the best WordPress SEO tips bloggers used in a worldwide. Hope you can use them to promote your site and get more visitors. One thing you have to remember is that no matter what technique you use to promote a blog/site, you have to ensure your contents are useful. Only in this way, will people and Google love your site.

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